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"A skill is not as simple to acquire as knowledge. The learner has to perform the skill badly, recover from mistakes, do it a bit better, and keep repeating the whole process."

Course: Writing Maintainable Unit Tests

For software developers who want to achieve mastery in designing quality software by employing unit tests.

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Video course: Writing Maintainable Unit Tests

Self-paced learning for software developers who want to improve upon their existing unit testing skills.

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Workshop: Well-Balanced Test-Driven Development

For software developers with experience in writing automated tests, and who want to improve upon their skills in writing solitary and sociable tests.

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Workshop: Refactoring Legacy Code Guided By Approval Tests

Learn how to use Approval Tests for testing legacy code using an outside-in approach. You’ll be able to practice how to safely refactor the code while also adding fine-grained unit tests and eventually introducing a new feature.

Workshop: Fast Developer Tests - A Strategy For Avoiding Integrated Complexity

UI tests and other kinds of high-level end-to-end tests negatively impact the velocity of development teams. They are slow, overly verbose, difficult to understand and fail for non-obvious reasons. In this workshop you'll learn how to steer clear from such a situation by applying contract tests.

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