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Jan Van Ryswyck

Software craftsman / founder at Principal IT

  • Brecht, Belgium
  • jan.van.ryswyck

I’m a professional software developer since Y2K. A blogger since Y2K+5. Curator of the Awesome Talks list. Past organizer of the European Virtual ALT.NET meetings. Thinking and learning about all kinds of technologies since forever.

Software development is one of my great passions in life. My goal as a software craftsman is to provide simple and qualitative solutions to complex business problems. In order to accomplish this, I'm continuously deepening my existing skills and expertise while learning new skills and broadening my horizons. Sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people is another one of my lifetime goals.


  • Developer

    Jan 2019 - Sept 2019


    Full stack developer in a software team responsible for building a platform that is used by pharmaceutical companies and hospitals for managing clinical trials. This platform is used by both patients worldwide as well as administrators who are tasked to closely follow-up on these patients.

    Key accomplishments:

    • Added business critical features to both the back-end as well as the web front-end and mobile applications.
    • Introduced a strategy for automated testing of the existing iOS mobile application.
    • Contributed to the strategy for automated testing of the back-end application.
    • Contributed to the Kanban development process.
  • Team Lead

    Sep 2016 - Dec 2018


    Full stack developer and team lead in quarterly rotating feature teams, responsible for building the next-generation web-based time management and planning applications. This new suite of applications is built from the ground up to enable customers to better manage time-tracking and planning for their employees.

    Key accomplishments:

    • Development of core engine components.
    • Start up of a new software product for monitoring team flexibility, personal and company goals, collaboration, etc. ...
    • Start up of a new software product for access control, as a team lead of a distributed team.
    • Coaching of team members, specifically guiding them in exploring the key concepts and approaches of CQRS and Event Sourcing software architectures.
    • Guided the transition of a distributed team of developers and QA into feature teams.
    • Explored core business domains using Event Storming.
    • Contributed to the Kanban development and Continuous Deployment process.
    • Conducted both screening and technical interviews for hiring new software developers.
  • Developer

    Sep 2011 - Aug 2016


    Technical lead and coach of the software development team responsible for building and maintaining a group buying platform. I was involved in mentoring fellow team members about the software architecture of the software applications as well as teaching core software engineering skills (my team nickname was “Papa Jan”). In this role, I was driving the architecture of a customer-facing web application and several back-office applications.

    Key accomplishments:

    • Provided a solution for a lean setup of product-specific group buying initiatives driven by fast changing business requirements. Also layed out the path to migrate from the existing subsystem to the this new software module.
    • Significant improvements to the data access layer of the customer-facing web application
    • Further stabilization of the business-critical contract calculations for all auctioned products.
    • Introduced an entire new data export system in the back-office administration tool where project leaders and assistants manage their group buying schemes.
    • Architected a business reporting tool for community leaders, suppliers and the data analysis team.
    • Integrations with several third-party web services.
    • Contributions and optimalisation of the Kanban development process.
    • Conducted both screening and technical interviews for hiring new software developers.
  • Architect

    Feb 2011 - Aug 2011


    Architect providing consultancy services for customers on-site. Fulfilled an internal CTO position, evaluating new tools and technologies as well as providing guidance on delivering existing investments in Microsoft technologies. Involved with coaching and advising fellow consultants about design, architecture and core software engineering skills.

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Jun 2005 - Jan 2011

    SD Worx

    Fulfilled the role of a technical lead for the ICT Corporate Development team, responsible for the architecture, design and development of all kinds of applications, for both customers, internal customers as well as other business units. Coaching of peer developers regarding software engineering skills and practices. Involved in the development of centralized services and components for supporting several business units. These include a central data warehouse for storing several millions of documents, a task management system for payroll service providers, a central security system that manages all website users and their permissions on business applications, etc. ...

  • Software Engineer

    Jul 2000 - Jun 2005


    Developer in a team responsible for extending and maintaining a commercial software product for managing the security of large facilities and sites. Constantly improving the design and usability of the systems on both Windows and Unix environments. Responsible for the design, development and testing of new and existing software modules and processes, including reporting, identification, access control and digital CCTV surveillance systems.


  • Bachelor in Electromechanics

    1996 - 2000

    KDG Borgerhout Industriele Wetenschappen En Technologie

    Specialization in industrial software engineering. Graduated with a high recommendation. Received an honorary award for best student graduated in the graduation year of 2000.

  • Electromechanics

    1990 - 1996

    VTI Zandhoven

    High school education in electromechanics

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Personal traits

  • Husband and father of three kids
  • Owner at Principal IT
  • Professional learner
  • Disciplined, punctual and highly organized
  • Growth mindset
  • Creator and maintainer of K.F.C. Sint-Lenaarts Jeugd

Hobbies and interests

  • All things technology, software development in particular
  • Long-distance running
  • Maintaining my DJ skills and listening to great music
  • Absolutely fascinated by computer history
  • Passionate about history
  • Reading as many books as possible


Thank you for visiting my website. I’m a professional software developer since Y2K. A blogger since Y2K+5. Curator of the Awesome Talks list. Past organizer of the European Virtual ALT.NET meetings. Thinking and learning about all kinds of technologies since forever.

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